2015 Dallas Total Home and Gift Market


Upcycle Your Plant Life!

Plants add life and vibrancy to any room! What better way to spruce up your living space than by adding potted forms of life? One of the best ways to show off your plant is by housing them in unique … Read Full Article

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Great Homemade Gift Ideas!

In the age of technology, you may feel pressured to only give expensive gifts to people at any level of your santa-list! Don’t worry! While the people closest to you can have nicer gifts, you don’t have to break the bank for that secret santa office party! … Read Full Article

Small And Savvy Bathroom Organizers!

You have been saying this for a while, and you know that now is the time to put your money where your mouth is. Your friends love your place and it is in a great location, so you are putting the pedal to the metal with your promise to host a holiday party for … Read Full Article

Good Food Makes Great Gifts!

If you watch the commercials on TV, you would think that the perfect holiday gift has to be a piece of technology, a pair of nice shoes, a tool set, or even a new car! But what happens if you are giving to, let’s say, your parents and they have all that stuff? … Read Full Article