Keep Your Home Fire Proof This Christmas!

I hate to do this. No one like a scrooge, a Grinch, or a downer this time of year, but now that you have been decorating your place with vigor for the holiday, it is time to think of the safety risks associated with your décor so you can take the appropriate precautions to make sure your holiday goes as planned. Think about it: do you want the warmth of the holidays to come from the quality time and love shared with family, or from an electrical fire in your home sparked by unchecked decorations? You probably have plenty of candles in your home, and maybe some lit for an advent wreath! You have electrical lights strung into a highly flammable Christmas tree, and they may stay on all night long! You also have your oven working on overdrive to make all those tasty cookies and treats! If you are looking for ways to ensure your family’s safety this holiday season, read this article today to learn how to counter these fire hazards!


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Healthy Holidays with Kids


In the time between Thanksgiving and the start of the New Year, there is no telling how much more we eat! There is comfort food all around, holiday treats, Christmas cookies, and passed-down recipes from your parents. Thankfully there are also healthier ways in which we can indulge in the holiday that can set a great precedent for our children. If you are planning to involve your children in holiday preparation, check out this article for healthy Christmas treats you can make with your children!


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The Piping and Perfect Cup of Cocoa!

When you invite a bunch of friends over to enjoy the holiday and each other’s company, you already know the expectation to serve great holiday-themed drinks to keep everyone warm. Whether you aim for mulled wine, eggnog, or hot cocoa, there are ways to ensure that you make the perfect cup! If you are looking for a great way to make perfect hot cocoa, read this article today!


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Christmas Eve Traditions to Borrow!

If your family is like mine, you may have set of traditions relating to Christmas eve as well as Christmas. For us, we always attend an evening church service where we light candles and sing hymns. We then head home and my mother cooks a traditional soup as we wait for the hours to pass by and turn to midnight. My dad would typically take us on a drive around the neighborhood to see the decorative and complex lights on people’s houses as the soup cooks! At midnight, turning into Christmas day, we eat the soup, sing some hymns as a family, and read a few versus about the true meaning of Christmas before opening presents. After all the presents are opened, we go to bed in the wee hours of the morning and sleep in on Christmas day. This tradition stems from the French-Caribbean culture that my parents call their own, but there are various interesting Christmas traditions from around the world! If your family is looking for handy Christmas traditions to add some festivity to the day before the big day, read this article today to learn about Christmas traditions from around the world!


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DIY Wreaths!

When it comes to Christmas crafts, nothing is as exciting to make as a wreath. You can add decorations and ornaments that you love and you will also be able to display it for all of your neighbors and friends. There is also nothing more inviting than the fresh smell of pine when your wreath greets you when you return home. If you are looking for an easy way to make your own wreath, read this article to learn the best tips!


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Christmas Gifts for Dad!

If your dad is like mine, you may be wondering what he would actually want for Christmas. His answer of “nothing, your love is enough” is neve satisfying when you are at the mall and trying to find something he might love. Enough with the ties and the cufflinks, read this article for tips on how to get your dad something that is unique and that he will actually enjoy opening on Christmas day!


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The Uglier the Better: The Perfect Christmas Sweater

Little did your great aunt know that the sweater she decorated twenty years ago would come in style. She probably had no idea that when she was gluing sequins and sewing on patches of snowmen and snowflakes that her style would ironically come back into fashion in today’s modern age. Regardless of how distracting it may be to the eye, the trend of ugly Christmas sweaters has taken an ironic hold in the holiday celebrations that you attend. You have likely been invited to more than one ugly Christmas sweater party, and what a perfect excuse it is to support your local thrift store, or wear that sweater your great aunt was happy to pass on to you. While it may seem like a joke, there is an art to choosing the perfect hideous sweater to complete your look. Why not try to be stylish as you try to clash? If you are looking for the best way to pick an ugly Christmas sweater in anticipation of a fun party or gathering, read this article today!


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Advent Candle Crafts!

If wishing to add more lights to your home this Christmas, you may consider investing in a craft to make advent candle wreaths. This Christmas tradition places candles on a wreath and they are lit on the days leading up to Christmas Eve to celebrate the advent of Christ. If you are looking for a great Christmas craft for your children that you can actually use, read this article today!


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Pajamas and Your Kids!

When your children race down the stairs to open presents on Christmas morning, it is so cute to see their excitement and their adorable pajamas dancing with anticipation. One of the cutest traditions you can start with your family is giving your children matching pajamas each year! If you are planning to start memorable Christmas traditions in your home, read this article to learn why pajamas can make a great gift!


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Office Secret Santa Gift Guide!

We have all been in this position before, and it can be tough. You are at your office’s holiday party and the secret santa reveals are happening. Your name is called and your elderly colleague admits that you were his person and he hands you a package. The office stares as you unravel a set of small Christmas-themed socks that he was certain you would love. Not only are they too small, but they’re quite hideous and you have to act like you love them. Thankfully this season is about giving and not receiving, right? While it can be embarrassing to receive an odd gift, it is far worse to be known for giving out half-hearted things. Thankfully there are ways to ensure that you give cool and thoughtful gifts to your coworkers! If you have a secret santa as a component of your upcoming holiday party, read this article today for tips on how to be an impressive, yet thoughtful, gift giver!


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