Bathroom Blues

The bathroom is often a place for rest and relaxation, or at least it’s supposed to be! Many times the bathroom is the room left wanting when it comes time to redecorate, but remodeling or at least improving your bathroom is worth far more than its cost. Little things like an aroma diffuser or a sound system can turn your bathroom from one of cold practicality to place you can really let out some stress.

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Don’t Fall For It, Summer’s Not Done Yet

Summer is coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean your summer fun has to end just yet. There is still time to fit in some family activities before school, and colder weather, comes to a head. A back-to-school block party is a good way to connect with friends and neighbors and start the year off right. Turn infrastructure and chores into a delight by putting together a chore chart! Or just have a DIY art and crafts day by having your kids make their Halloween costumes early. Believe it or not there’s still time to take a trip too. You can stay right in your own area by taking a day trip to a city or even to spend a day by the lake.

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The Real Food Challenge

Lisa Leake, a North Carolina mom, decided to take on a challenge a lot of us would consider crazy. For 100 days she ate real food, that’s food with no white flour, no sugar, nothing from a package with more than five ingredients, no deep fried or fast food, and all organic meant. She and her family succeeded and she went on to write a bestseller, “100 Days of Real Food: How We Did It and What We Learned”.

Unfortunately for us, there was no quick and easy way of going about this. “It’s a fact,” Lisa says, “that you will find and make time for any activity that is important enough to you.” But how can you make that kind of time? Even stay-at-home parents have trouble making dinner every night, let alone finding all the requisite natural foods. Lisa recommends getting your kids involved and making the whole family responsible for the healthy lifestyle.

Whether or not the challenge seems practical, the message is sound: get on a healthier, more family involved mind-set and you will reap the benefits for years to come.

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The Apartment Time Forgot

Paris in the twenties. The words conjure images of beauty, luxury, and sophistication. As it happens, an apartment was recently found from that time, untouched. It’s owner fled the country in World War Two and held onto it, like a time capsule, preserving the elegance of an era. Though never able to return to the place she held dear, she paid the bill every month, effectivly preserving it for us to admire today.

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Halloween Hero- Save Your Child From The Dark

Is you child afraid of the dark? How about monsters under the bed? Is the flood of Halloween theme shopping giving your kid the hee-bee-jeebies? You can be their Halloween hero with some simple intervention that teaches your child how to fend off the fear! There are dozens of neat little tricks, flashlight tag is a great way to help reduce a child’s anxiety in the dark. Having your child face what they fear in a harmless situation will save you and them a lot of stress.

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The Homework Home-Wreckingball

These days most parents work, and even if you have a stay-at-home parent homework can be a nightmare for parent and child alike. Like most anything else, though, a little bit of structure and organization can save you from the homework woes of fights and hidden report cards.

Step one is to lean on a routine. If your child is young, most times they won’t have the motivation to do their homework when they ought to, so having a scheduled time helps immensely. Even with older children who demand more freedom, a scheduled time without TV or video games keeps them in the homework groove.

Having a space specifically for homework helps as well, as can letting your child figure out what they need to do homework- some students benefit from music, for example, while others don’t. Keeping a planner helps so that they can write down assignments everyday.

While homework my be their responsibility it is our responsibility as parents to instill in out children good habits and work ethic. With a good game plan they are more sure to succeed as students.

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Keeping A Lid On Lunch Problems

Back to school means back to the lunchroom for kids. With all the stress of the day it’s difficult sometimes for us to keep track of our kids diets, but we can instill them with mindful eating habits. Simple things can make a big difference, like keeping the healthy snacks both plentiful and well-placed. Keeping bananas in the open rather than cookies, for example, promotes better habits. Often we mistake thirst for hunger, so keeping a water bottle handy for your child is always a good idea. Also being present when you can is always great, compare cereal labels in the morning with your child, show them why some cereals are bad and others are good.

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Living Literacy: How To Help Your Kids Love Reading

Like anything else, developing a love of something doesn’t happen spontaneously. To grow the passion for books we generally want our kids to have we have to keep in mind they learn by watching us. To make literacy as important to out kids as it is to us there are some simple steps we can take to help.

Keeping books around seems obvious, but how often do we display DVDs nowadays? This keeps the option available to kids at all times. Meanwhile talking about books with our children gets them thinking about them, which we can so easily when we model the behavior for our kids. Read, and let them see you do it! They’ll love books if you show them how.

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Parenting: The Perpetual Job

Some people believe that once their sons or daughters turn 18 that their job is done. Legally, they are an adult and life, from then on, is solely their responsibility. But that’s simply not true, as Joe DeProspero notes in a recent article he wrote for

“I anticipate that my job as dad will be done when I’ve breathed my final breath,” DeProspero says. Truer words have never been spoken. Most times, even when we’ve grown up and moved out, we still look to our parents for advice. So while the job description may change as time goes on- DeProspero illuminates this well in his article- we are still, inevitably the “protectors” or our children- as well as the sagacious counsel and part-time stress relievers as we take on the role of grandparents.

No, a parent’s job is never done. There is no retirement from it, and no vacation either, nor is there a time we can really qualify our parenting. But really, would we have it any other way?

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Mudroom Maladies

Back to school is a time of year where many of our organizational systems are put to the test. One tested more than any other is the mudroom. Some people call it the shoe room or the entry way, whatever you call it- keys, mail, backpacks, shoes, and the elements can all make this area a mess. Thankfully there are some simple tips to keep this unruly area organized. One of the most important is to make sure that there is a place for everything- like getting a key hanger. A more obscure tip is to remember to plan for the seasons. Your mudroom should be set up different for winter than it does for summer.

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