Watch – The Ultimate Gadget Lover’s Christmas Tree

This video is the first in a series of 24 videos covering the most interesting items Bill found at the 2015 Dallas Total Home and Gift Market. We will release one video per day for 24 days. The second video will be released on February 10 2015.

The ultimate Christmas tree for the gadget lover. The larger lights on this tree are fully controlled by a smartphone app. The colors and patterns can be modified by the app. Tell us what you think. How would you decorate this tree? Would you like this tree in your own home?

Be sure to watch next video and see the Christmas tree that is the fastest and easiest tree to set up.

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Christmas movies tell stories of the season

There are many ways to take in stories of the holiday season. You can recite The Night Before Christmas, you can listen to classic (or modern) holiday tunes, you can gather round and talk about past gatherings (like the crazy things uncle Jim did last Christmas), and you can watch holiday movies.

It was traditional in my family to watch at least a couple Christmas movies as part of our seasonal celebration. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation still tops my list of favorites, probably because it made our usual Christmas chaos seem perfectly normal in comparison! A Christmas Story was a frequent watch as well since it was always marathoned on TV.

This list boasts the best Christmas movies of all time, but it’s missing at least one very important film: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer! What are your favorites?

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Trees of Christmas Past

When it comes to traditional celebrations and decorations like those that come at Christmas time, there has always been a movement to add a modern touch. These Christmas trees from the 1950s show how yesteryear’s decorators pushed the envelope.

One tree is spray-painted blue. Another is covered with notions and other sewing “ornaments.” Some aren’t trees at all, but they play the part! You see variations on all of these different takes on modern trees still today.

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Santa Claus – Evolution of an Icon

Santa Claus is a persistent symbol of the holiday season, and it’s difficult to think of a time without his jolly visage spreading Christmas cheer and the spirit of giving. However, he wasn’t always the happy fat man we know today.

Santa likely started out as St. Nicholas, or “Sinterklaas,” who was known to give secret gifts to children, often in shoes. He became shrouded in myth by the Dutch, who imagined him riding a horse over rooftops and keeping track of bad and good children. The English folklore idea of Father Christmas played a role as well.

A satirical fiction piece created the reindeer component and happy vibe, and Clement Moore took it further with his famous 1822 poem. Artists over the years changed his look until the early 1900s when the red suit became iconic.

Check out this link for more on the fascinating history of this beloved symbol of the season: A Pictorial History of Santa Claus

Creative wrapping ideas to make your gifts stand out

There are a million different ways to wrap a present, so it can be a little overwhelming when deciding how to go about it. Before you grab that kitschy wrapping paper for yet another year, consider doing something just as easy with a little more refined taste.

Single color paper allows for individualized touches. White and red give a candy cane feel, while black and white looks classy and elegant with a winter motif.

Add a country touch and bring nature indoors by attaching twigs with twine and adding fake berries, or get creative with pine cones and cedar leaves.

Up scaling old maps and newspaper can make a green statement too, and looks very festive with the right additions.

These ideas will definitely separate your gifts from the rest of the pile under the tree. They might even look too good to unwrap!

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I am the Christmas tree! Silly holiday family portraits

Holiday portraits are a big part of the Christmas season for many families. Some opt for matching sweaters or cute reindeer antlers, and others choose a fancy, elegant theme.

Then there are these – a showcase of ten hilarious, over the top photos of families full of awkward Christmas cheer sure to make you smile.

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These cocktails have holiday spirit!

If you’re hosting a Christmas party these cocktails are sure to be a hit (and if you’re not hosting a party, you might want to try some for yourself!). Many feature green and red garnish and classic holiday ingredients like peppermint sticks and even eggnog!

From the coconut cream martini to the pomegranate rosemary spritzer, there’s something for every taste. Classic champagne is always welcome, too.

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A Christmas Classic: Blue And White

Every year there some new trend with Christmas decorations, but when it comes down to it, nothing really beats the tried and true. In this case we aren’t talking about red and green, but instead the blue and white. Today we’re bring you a gorgeous gallery that shows you what you can do with the blue and white. Check it out here: Decorating ideas for a classic blue and white Christmas.