Christmas Tree Treats

It’s about time to start touting Christmas treats! We’ve got a ton of incredible Christmas tree candy treats examples for you to start the celebration as soon as Thanksgiving is over. My personal favorite- the tree made from Reese’s peanut butter cups with some tasty icing on top. Check out the rest of them here: 18 Christmas Tree Treats.

Wreath Ringers

Wreathes are a defining decoration for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but so many of the ones you find in stores are just ridiculous. Wreathes, though, are easy enough to put together yourself- in fact, that’s how they were all made before. There are a lot of ways to build them as well. See some of the best here: Beautiful Wreath Ideas.

Gingerbread House Decor

Yes, we’re skipping ahead here, but Christmas isn’t that far ahead, and if we’re going to be talking about food for Thanksgiving, we may as well bring you some Christmas treats. The gingerbread house is a staple of Christmas, but how do you trick it out so to speak? Well, if you want to make a beautifully decorated gingerbread house we’ve got some ideas for you here: 4 Festive Ways to Dress a Gingerbread House.

Rounding Out The Christmas List

With Christmas coming up it’s time to start looking at how to fill out lists. It’s always better to get some shopping out of the way early, and if kids don’t have lists to you, well, guess what, they’re kids and if you get them something cool they won’t pull that nasty return nonsense the adults do. We’ve got a list of the hottest toys on the market for this Christmas that are sure to be the delight of any and all kids.

Frozen is huge. Massive. Ridiculous. Every kids loves it- especially the girls. Well, there’s an Elsa doll that sings, dances, lights up, and has a snowman companion. Any little girl will love this doll. It’s a must have.

Pretty much every kids love seeing cars go around on tracks, and Fischer-Price knows this. They’ve followed Hot Wheels path and started making some amazing tracks for little kids to watch cars go flying up and down ramps. These are all over the list and is good for any kid.

Remote controller helicopters and magnet cares are big and soft enough to be safe for little kids, and every kids loves remote controlled things. Really this list has ti all- anything you need for any child to make there Christmas merry and bright. Check out the full list here: The Best Toys of 2014.

A New Christmas Tradition: Taking Home Stock

It happens to all of us. We see the holidays are coming up and whether or not we’re hosting the parties we all take a little closer, and maybe more critical, look at our homes. That’s when all the little flaw really show and we think these are all problems we have to fix. Mismatched or old furniture, some d├ęcor that’s probably a little too eclectic for most.

But in these instances we really have to ask ourselves what a home is to us? Is it something picture perfect out of some magazine, or is it supposed to reflect that charm and character that only you and your family can? Are the sterile conditions really of magazine living really what makes us feel comfortable? I think if we approach getting out homes in holiday order from this angle we will set ourselves up for a better holiday. Sure we should get things clean, and maybe a few things can get changed around, but we often forget that out home is a home, not a display.

For more on this topic, read this article here: Welcome Home … for the Holidays!

A Little Less Christmas Stress

Christmas is an amazing time of year- it is also terribly stressful for many of us. There are ways, however, to reduce that stress and most of them you can start doing now to get them out of the way!

One thing you can do with your whole family and get into the giving spirit is to start going through some clutter. Old toys, clothes, attic or garage junk, and so forth is going to cause you some stress during the holidays, and if you start donating now it’s more likely to get where it needs to go by Christmas.

Decorating is another source of stress, but if you plan ahead you can save yourself a lot of headaches. Get your decorating plan down beforehand, know what’s going to go where and the whole process from buying decorations to putting them up is less stressful.

Don’t wait on gifts! That last minute shopping makes you miss sales earlier in the year and is crazy- especially with all the people packing the stores. Once again, some brainstorming before can save you time and money.

Read more stress busting tips here: Planning for a Stress-Free Holiday Season.

An Almost Lost Tradition- The Advent Calender

Advent calenders used to be a standard for Christmas. In case you don’t know, an advent calender is a little calender that marks the twenty-four day leading up to Christmas, each day typically has a little compartment with a treat for your child- like a piece of chocolate or sometimes a little toy or a penny. Each day also contains a little piece of the story of the nativity. These amazing ways to celebrate the holiday are fading out of use more and more each year, and that’s a shame. Kids love them, and there are so many ways you can make them into something more!

For example, you can get really involved with the advent calender and have an activity for each day that you can do with your family! One day, for example, can be a symbolize one of the principles of the holiday and you and your child can find a charity to give to- thus fostering the true spirit of the holiday! There are limitless possibilities to work this wonderful tradition back into the holiday- and if you already have advent calenders, there are a million ways to make them more fun.

Take a look at some advent calender ideas here: DIY | advent calendar.

Getting In With Indie Christmas Singles

Unfortunately not everyone loves Christmas music. In fact, despite my love of the holiday, I was a bit of a Christmas music humbug. The problem many of us have with it, is that the music is the same we’ve heard every other year. It’s not that the songs are the same, but it seems to be the same artist doing the same song, and even if it’s a new artist, they never put a spin on it. Last year, even I found a way to love Christmas music

Why? Well last year there was a huge development with Christmas music- Snowflakes Christmas Singles. These are singles pressed by some of today’s hottest indie music stars in the best form music on take- vinyl. These songs are beautiful and from some great artists. They strike a balance between keeping the music fresh, but holding onto enough to keep it the kind of traditional feel we all love from Christmas.

To read more about Snowflakes Christmas Singles, like who’s putting them out and where to buy them, check out news from Stubby’s here: Snowflakes Christmas Singles Are Back.

The Season Of Giving

We’re coming up on the season of giving. Gifts are more then a tradition, they’re there to promote the spirit of charity. It permeates the holiday, even those who see it as an exercise in consumerism end up getting gifts for people. It’s also the time of year when giving to charities gets to its highest point! So if you’re looking for gifts that give to those you love and those in need we have a gallery of giving gifts for you.

For example, there are some cute vintage camera throw pillows- which we all know someone who would love- that, when you buy them, you get to choose one of four great causes to donate a dollar to. How about a beautiful, well crafted scarf that gives money to the Humane Society? Or a gorgeous necklace that donates to girls’ schools in Bangladesh? Or a gorgeous toothbrush that trade brush for brush- you buy one, and one is donated to a child in need.

See the full gallery here: 12 Christmas Gifts That Give Back.