Small And Savvy Bathroom Organizers!

You have been saying this for a while, and you know that now is the time to put your money where your mouth is. Your friends love your place and it is in a great location, so you are putting the pedal to the metal with your promise to host a holiday party for everyone! You have sent out the invites, selected the menu for the food and drinks, and the last step is now to prepare your home! You have done all of the dusting, cleaning, and organizing that you could do and you will eventually want to tackle the hardest room in the home: your bathroom. It is tough to clean and a bit cramped, how will you organize this tricky space before flooding your home with guests? Thankfully there are a bunch of stylish organizers to add to your bathroom! You will be surprised the amount of compliments you will get on your bathroom if you use some of these ideas! If you are looking for ways to upgrade your bathroom, read this article for organizer tips!


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Sparkly Christmas Table Décor!

If you are like me, you like your home to serve multiple purposes at once. When you return home from a long day, you need your home to be a place of comfort! You may make sure that your décor welcomes you with open arms when you enter the space and kick off your shoes. You may also want your home to be functional! I like to make sure that my kitchen is stocked with the best appliances and foods so that I can whip up anything from a dinner to a late night snack at all hours of the day. Another function for my home is to be an entertaining space for friends and strangers alike. One way to make this happen is by having a home that is warm and welcoming with your décor! Another way to do this is to add fun and fascinating decorations that allow your guests to marvel and discover your tastes and passions! If you are looking to decorate your table, read this article today for great tips for a sparkly set up!


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Great Gifts Under $20!

ctfm-color-32So you and your girl friends are having a party to celebrate the holiday and you know that you will have to get gifts for all of them. This time of year shows that it is always better to give than it is to receive, but what are you supposed to do if you are running out of ideas and cash? Holiday parties, gifts for your family, and travel expenses can tighten up your budget and make it less possible for you to break the bank this Christmas. Thankfully there are plenty of ways in which you can get cute gifts to give to your friends that are affordable but won’t make you look cheap. By taking a look at this list, you will be inspired to be generous with everyone and yourself! If you have many gift-giving opportunities ahead and are looking for a responsible and fun way to treat your friends or colleagues, read this article today!


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Keep Your Home Fire Proof This Christmas!

I hate to do this. No one like a scrooge, a Grinch, or a downer this time of year, but now that you have been decorating your place with vigor for the holiday, it is time to think of the safety risks associated with your décor so you can take the appropriate precautions to make sure your holiday goes as planned. Think about it: do you want the warmth of the holidays to come from the quality time and love shared with family, or from an electrical fire in your home sparked by unchecked decorations? You probably have plenty of candles in your home, and maybe some lit for an advent wreath! You have electrical lights strung into a highly flammable Christmas tree, and they may stay on all night long! You also have your oven working on overdrive to make all those tasty cookies and treats! If you are looking for ways to ensure your family’s safety this holiday season, read this article today to learn how to counter these fire hazards!


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Christmas Eve Traditions to Borrow!

If your family is like mine, you may have set of traditions relating to Christmas eve as well as Christmas. For us, we always attend an evening church service where we light candles and sing hymns. We then head home and my mother cooks a traditional soup as we wait for the hours to pass by and turn to midnight. My dad would typically take us on a drive around the neighborhood to see the decorative and complex lights on people’s houses as the soup cooks! At midnight, turning into Christmas day, we eat the soup, sing some hymns as a family, and read a few versus about the true meaning of Christmas before opening presents. After all the presents are opened, we go to bed in the wee hours of the morning and sleep in on Christmas day. This tradition stems from the French-Caribbean culture that my parents call their own, but there are various interesting Christmas traditions from around the world! If your family is looking for handy Christmas traditions to add some festivity to the day before the big day, read this article today to learn about Christmas traditions from around the world!


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The Uglier the Better: The Perfect Christmas Sweater

Little did your great aunt know that the sweater she decorated twenty years ago would come in style. She probably had no idea that when she was gluing sequins and sewing on patches of snowmen and snowflakes that her style would ironically come back into fashion in today’s modern age. Regardless of how distracting it may be to the eye, the trend of ugly Christmas sweaters has taken an ironic hold in the holiday celebrations that you attend. You have likely been invited to more than one ugly Christmas sweater party, and what a perfect excuse it is to support your local thrift store, or wear that sweater your great aunt was happy to pass on to you. While it may seem like a joke, there is an art to choosing the perfect hideous sweater to complete your look. Why not try to be stylish as you try to clash? If you are looking for the best way to pick an ugly Christmas sweater in anticipation of a fun party or gathering, read this article today!


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Office Secret Santa Gift Guide!

We have all been in this position before, and it can be tough. You are at your office’s holiday party and the secret santa reveals are happening. Your name is called and your elderly colleague admits that you were his person and he hands you a package. The office stares as you unravel a set of small Christmas-themed socks that he was certain you would love. Not only are they too small, but they’re quite hideous and you have to act like you love them. Thankfully this season is about giving and not receiving, right? While it can be embarrassing to receive an odd gift, it is far worse to be known for giving out half-hearted things. Thankfully there are ways to ensure that you give cool and thoughtful gifts to your coworkers! If you have a secret santa as a component of your upcoming holiday party, read this article today for tips on how to be an impressive, yet thoughtful, gift giver!


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How to Hang Lights Without Hanging Yourself

ctfm-color-23We all remember this moment as a child. It is the top of December and you are so excited for a bunch of things at once! First, you had a wonderful thanksgiving trip where you got to see cousins and eat food. Now your mom is championing the start of Christmas decorating in your home and you’re excited to help! In preparation for the holidays, she tackles the indoor and your dad commits to hanging the lights outside. You help her hang up bows, dress the hallways with garland, and display the best ornaments on the trees. Your dad works equally hard and when you all gather outside to appreciate his hard work, he turns on the switch! To your family’s surprise and your dad’s chagrin, you discover that the house is as dark as when he started. Hanging Christmas lights can be difficult and requires a lot of energy and time. Although the end product is beautiful, hanging them can be a pain. If you are decorating for Christmas and would appreciate professional tips on hanging lights, read this article today!


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Don’t Confuse Money for Love this Christmas!

Whether you are trying to compete with the Joneses or want to make your home feel like a theme-park, take time to reassess your holiday budget. This is a special time of year, so some excess spending is to be expected, but remember that your love is not measured by the price-tag on the gifts you give. The gifts that are the most thoughtful are the ones that are remembered, and the passing of traditions is a gift as well to your children! The latest toys and gadgets may be enticing for you to purchase for your children, but don’t feel pressured. If they are on your nice-list and it is within your funds, a pricier gift is okay, but it is not necessary. Unlike a birthday, this time of year is primarily about the warmth we show to one another as a family and community. Also, for younger children, it can be more fun for them to open ten less-expensive gifts than to open one expensive gift! If you are looking for ways to avoid a financial hangover in January, read this article today!


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Guest Bedroom Upgrades!

If your parents are anything like mine, there was no better death-sentence to your free time than if relatives were coming over to visit. As soon as you received word that your cousins are coming over to celebrate a holiday, or even just to say hello, you knew that the next few days prior to their arrival would be filled with various cleaning flurries to get your home to appear spotless. My mother even repeated that she liked having guests over because nothing will better inspire you to clean your home till it is spotless! The trickiest rooms to cover were and always are the holiday guestroom! Your relatives or friends will be sleeping there are you should aim to make it as clean and comfortable as possible! This helpful article shares tips on the best ways to prepare your guest bedroom so that your family will feel comfortable and effortlessly loved. If you are expecting family to stay over this Christmas, read this article today to learn the best way to prepare a guest bedroom!


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