Upcycle Your Plant Life!

Plants add life and vibrancy to any room! What better way to spruce up your living space than by adding potted forms of life? One of the best ways to show off your plant is by housing them in unique storage pieces. If you are looking to upgrade your living space with a unique touch, check out this awesome video that shows how to use the old vases you thrifted and turn them into unique planters!


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Fun, easy DIY wine cork projects

Holiday parties mean lots of wine, and lots of wine means lots of wine corks! Repurposing them for craft projects has never been more popular. These four easy project ideas will get you started!

In a fun instructional video, Handy Ma’am Janell-Inez shows how to make a wine cork coaster, a pretty candle decoration, super cute place settings, and even stamps!

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Has repurposing gone too far?

People are always pushing the limits of artistic expression. Sometimes it’s the mediums used, sometimes it’s the subject matter, and sometimes it’s the way the art is displayed. This new “dipped painting” trend is quirky, but it also drives me crazy.

The basic idea is this: You take a framed painting (maybe one you picked up at a thrift store) and dip part of it in paint so it obscures that part of the work. I think it’s supposed to add allure and mystery since you can no longer make out what the rest of the painting is.

If this had been reported on April Fool’s Day I would have thought it was a clever joke, but it’s quite real. Looking at most of these images frustrates me. I want to be able to see the rest of the painting. Maybe it’s just the way my brain works, or maybe it’s because I’m an artist myself.

I would be very upset if someone did this to an art piece of mine, especially if I put hours of work into it. I feel like painting over traditional art is at least a little bit offensive, and at most a crime. However, I also acknowledge that once that art leaves my hands it’s fair game for repurposing. Still, the whole idea rubs me the wrong way.

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Winter decorating tips for a cozy home

A lot of emphasis is placed on going all out with holiday decorating, but what about the rest of the winter season? These decorating tips will keep your home cozy (but not Christmasy) all the way until spring.

First, pick a color scheme. Winter white is classic, and other wintery colors like silver, black, and gold can stick around all season. Add lighting elements like a jar of white Christmas lights or candles. Finally, pick the perfect place for a winter-themed vignette, and may all your winter days be merry and bright!

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Designer ideas for last minute holiday flair!

Christmas is almost here! If you haven’t had time to decorate, or if you’re looking to add a few more finishing touches to your holiday displays, these last minute ideas from designers can provide you with some last minute inspiration!

Vintage goes well with Christmas, especially gold colored or brass items, which you can find at local antique stores. Some classic white lights are iconic too, and you can add more warmth to your space with fabric textures like mohair, cashmere and wool.

Add some greenery and decorate it with ornaments or ribbon in traditional colors like red, gold, and silver. If you’re really pressed for time, some round gold ornaments placed in a bowl speak of the season.

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Christmas Clichés

Decorating your home for the holidays can be fun, challenging, and rewarding. You can mix traditional elements with modern touches and add your own personal flair, but is there a wrong way to decorate? Are some traditional Christmas decorations too cliché?

According to an article over on Elle Decor, there are some decoration trends that are best left in the trash. The article suggests tinsel and beads, fake candles, poinsettias, printed wrapping paper and fake greenery are all to be avoided.

But wait a minute. Battery-operated candles prevent fires, and some apartments ban candles altogether. Some people are allergic to real trees and greenery, or simply don’t want to deal with the mess. Printed wrapping paper is fun and convenient. What gives?

I think decorating is a personal endeavor, and if you want to put a display of Santa and his reindeer on your roof, you go right ahead.

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Lovely last minute DIY holiday decoration ideas

Looking to add just a little more flair to your holiday decor before Christmas celebrations? These quick do-it-yourself projects can provide just the touch you’re looking for.

If you have a live tree, you can take a few trimmings and spray the tips with gold paint to make a pretty garland. A painted tree flag is a cute way to occupy some empty wall space, and snowflakes made from magazine clippings add color to a boring window.

A print in a frame is an easy addition to a vignette or wall, and you can even add a festive message in removable gold paint to any large mirror in your house for instant cheer.

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Quick and Easy DIY Holiday Table Crafts

Looking for a DIY project to add a little festive style to your table this year? These four projects will add the perfect amount of pizzazz, and they’re super easy to make!

Painted napkins require nothing more than plain cloth napkins, paint, and a sponge cut to any shape you desire. Add a braided napkin ring made from oven-bake polymer clay for an elegant touch.

Use a little more clay and wire to create cute “gemstone” place holders for your guests. A sparkly pinecone tree is an easy centerpiece that could be dressed up or down.

Best of all, these projects don’t take very long to do (and that means more hot chocolate time!).

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7 Joyous Holiday Displays

The month of December brings seasonal joy in the form of family gatherings, delicious food, celebration, and decorations. When you’re surrounded by twinkling lights and colorful displays, you forget current troubles and become a kid again.

Sometimes, however, people get a little too enthusiastic and pile as many lights and statues and blow-up snowmen into their yard as possible, and it just looks tacky and thrown together.

On the other hand, when done well, intense holiday displays capture the whimsy and awe of the season and spread it to all who look upon them. It could easily be considered an art form.

These 7 homes fall in different places on the sliding scale, but most of them are done well. Still, I’ll always be an advocate of less is often more. Happy holidays!

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Creative Christmas napkin folding ideas to impress your guests!

You’ve got the centerpiece, the food, the dishes, and decorations all set – but what about the napkins? Add a little extra special touch and wow your guests with these fancy folds!

These videos show you how to fold two different tree shapes, silverware pockets, a crown, and an elf shoe. If you make a mistake, don’t worry! Just try again, or try a different one. The layered tree is my favorite.

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