Small space? Small tree!

Decorating a small space comes with unique challenges, and if you’re dreaming big clutter can happen quickly. These tips will help!

Instead of a large tree, opt for a small one and put it on a table or platform. If you’re really tight on space, get creative and make a 2D tree for your wall. Windows and doors are great places to decorate without having to worry about clutter.

Hanging lights from the ceiling creates a festive vibe too. When you’re finished, heat a kettle of potpourri on the stove. Sometimes smell speaks more of the season than decorations!

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Vintage holiday decoration trends

While many homes are going the modern route with non-traditional or new, upscaled decorations, the vintage look is still a strong holiday trend this year.

Hand-written lettering is a common theme, and living in the digital age makes calligraphy even more meaningful. Faux fur accents offer cozy texture, while classic red plaid completes any country theme.

Trees are decorated both simply and extravagantly, and sometimes the tree isn’t a tree at all!

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Ideas for adding more color to your holiday decor

Traditional colors like green, red, gold, blue and white are everywhere this season, but there are no rules saying you have to stick to them. The rainbow is full of holiday decorating possibilities – there’s no need to limit yourself!

A colorful garland is a great way to play with a new color palette, and they can be purchased or created in a variety of textures. Painted reindeer add fun, festive color and can set the scene for a lovely vignette, or consider some bright round ornaments for the tree.

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How to decorate your mini Christmas tree

Mini Christmas trees are a fun way to add a little more festive cheer around your home, and you can decorate them each a little differently or as part of themed vignettes.

Burlap is the go-to craft material for creating a homey, country vibe. Silver tinsel and white decorations creates the feeling of a magical forest, while pearls and ribbon speak of elegance.

Check out these six ideas for a little inspiration.

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Red and Green are Overrated

Red and green are the iconic colors of the season, but many people are turning to other color options for making spirits bright.

You may have considered gold and blue and white, but what about orange clementines poked with cloves for a delightful country vignette? Or maybe a pastel wreath made from old ornaments? Black and white gift wrap makes a strong statement, and repainting classics can provide an entirely new look and feel for modern, sophisticated decor.

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A vintage Christmas nightmare

I’m a big fan of the vintage look, especially around the holidays. My mother loves and collects antiques, and I didn’t realize until I reached adulthood just how many of her interests I inherited. While I was growing up, our house was filled with an assortment of modern and vintage items.

When I came across this article on how to work vintage items into holiday decor, I had to check it out. Some of the tips are great. I love the idea of mixing Christmas decorations in with your usual seasonal displays. Color themed rooms are a good idea, and I can totally get behind hanging small antiques on the tree. However, some of the other ideas had me gagging.

I do not understand the fluorescent pink tree at all (or the red one, for that matter). I don’t care how well it matches your fabric – it’s an eye sore. On that same note, painting old Christmas village buildings the same horrible pink is not an improvement. I think pink can be a color of the season when done well, and I’m all for repainting and up-scaling certain antiques, but this particular use does not decrease tackiness – quite the opposite!

It’s absolutely possible to turn something kitschy into whimsical fun, but it’s not so fun when it’s trying to bite your face off like a rabid reindeer.

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Flatware that makes a statement

With all of the cooking, baking, and decorating going on this season, it’s easy to overlook a simple staple of any holiday meal – the flatware.

The tools you (and your guests) eat with can change the style of your table, and they say a lot about you. It may be time to consider an upgrade.

Maxwell has come out with the best flatware picks of the year, and the list includes everything from expensive silver and gold to classic wood. Even some fancy disposables are featured.

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Inspiring ways to decorate your holiday mantel

Decorating the mantel goes hand in hand with decorating the Christmas tree. These ideas will inspire you to create your own magical mantel, full of holiday cheer. From traditional rustic country to simplistic and elegant, there’s something for every taste.

If you don’t have a mantel, make one! Repurpose some old wood and fashion a new decorating tradition.

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Tree decorating at its finest – ideas you can use!

Are you getting bored doing the same lights, garland, and ornaments on your tree year after year? These decorating ideas will inspire you to change it up and try something new.

You can start by choosing a theme – cacti and western gear give a desert feel, while burlap is classic country. Color matters too, and instead of green and red you could try warm gold, white, and a hint of blue. Vintage items work well for a rustic look.

What’s around the tree matters too, so make sure to choose items that complement your theme or color choices. Also consider something non-traditional for your tree stand – it can add a unique touch.

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Gorgeous DIY holiday wreaths

There are a million ways to make a winter wreath with just about any material imaginable. These ten photos will give you some inspiration to create a dazzling welcome decoration for your own home or to gift to a loved one.

You can make a wreath that looks like a bunch of snowballs adorned with a pretty red ribbon (great for those living where it doesn’t actually snow). Another features a holiday phrase stretched across the center. You can repurpose an old sweater for a cozy feeling, or add some sparkle and paper snowflakes.

No matter what design you choose, your holiday wreath will be something to cherish for years to come.

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