In with the old! Vintage holiday decorating

Mixing old family heirlooms with new holiday decorations is a Christmas tradition, and the way you arrange and use vintage items can make for a beautiful display of holiday spirit.

This list of ideas will have you thinking of all sorts of ways to incorporate and repurpose antique items for the holidays.

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Meta description: These ideas will have you eager to hit up the thrift shops this season.

Creative ways to use white Christmas lights

Nothing says simple holiday elegance like soft white Christmas lights. When I was growing up, these were the go-to decoration for both inside and out. The inviting, glowing lights adorned trees, railings, entryways, and windows.

There are all sorts of creative ways they can be used. I love the idea of bundling some up into clear (or colored) bottles along a shelf. You could string them from the ceiling as party lights, or along a wall in some creative design.

Personalize your space by adding hanging photos fastened gently to a string of lights along the wall, or make a space more interesting by adding different sized/shaped lights in strategic places.

No matter how you use them, these little white lights are sure to add some joy and warmth this season.

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Easy Christmas Wreath Ideas

Family crafts are a great way to bring people together in the holiday spirit, and you end up with some home-made decorations you can use year after year!

Wreaths can be made of almost anything, from magazine clippings to popsicle sticks, yarn to feathers. Chances are good you have some materials around the home ready to be crafted into a beautiful holiday wreath.

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Holidays Good, Clutter Bad

Decorating your home for the holidays can be a lot of fun, but it can also feel overwhelming when you’re just getting started. House Beautiful has a few organizational tips that will help ease the stress.

First, it’s a good idea to reduce household clutter. The old saying “a place for everything, everything in its place” applies here. If you have items you’re not totally thrilled about, consider finding them a new home.

Think about where people are most likely to congregate, and clean and organize those areas first. Also make sure there’s enough seating for your guests, and check the bathrooms to make sure soap is stocked and fresh towels are handy.

If there’s too much to do, consider hiring a professional organizer. And don’t forget to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa by the fireplace after the work is done.

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Use color to create a warm, inviting space this season

We all like to feel warm and cozy after returning home from a busy day out in the cold, and the colors you use in your interior can really help take the chill out of the season.

Consider gold and orange to warm up a room, further enhanced with warm lighting and neutral tones with winter white walls. Or, go in the opposite direction with bold, dark walls wrapping around the room, accented with light furniture pieces and metallics to bounce the light.

You’ll feel warmer in no time.

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Create an Enticing Entryway

The entryway is an important but often overlooked area of the house, but if you’re expecting guests this holiday season you’ll want it to look nice. These tips can help you create an inviting first look into your home.

Seek out items that do double duty, such as a bench with storage space. You can then personalize storage compartments for each family member to keep things organized. Hooks are important for hanging coats and other items, and they don’t take up much space.

Make sure to rotate seasonal items, and a good rug is a necessity, especially in muddy/snowy seasons!

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Turning Tables

Dressing up the table for Thanksgiving is part of the fun of the holiday, and most of the best ways to decorate for it you can do yourself! There’s tons of ideas out there for DIY Thanksgiving decorations, and we have some of the best gathered in one place. See all the coolest turkey day DIY here: 15 DIY Thanksgiving.

Wreath Ringers

Wreathes are a defining decoration for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but so many of the ones you find in stores are just ridiculous. Wreathes, though, are easy enough to put together yourself- in fact, that’s how they were all made before. There are a lot of ways to build them as well. See some of the best here: Beautiful Wreath Ideas.