Decorating Days!

We are less than one hundred days away from Christmas! That means it’s time to get some inspiration for decorating. If you’re feeling like you’re in rut using the same lay-outs and lights, you should check out some of these fantastic designs. Here we have some subtle style and elegance that you don’t see everywhere, and it’s not even hard to do! There are few in particular on the list that, despite my typical love for color, is astounding in white with natural wood underneath. They’re a mix of country and modern aesthetics that are chic and gorgeous.

One thing to note is how understated it all is, most of these wonderful designs blend in with the room rather than just looking thrown on top of the structure. The colors don’t jump out at your eye, but look like a natural growth from the room. And it’s not just garland and wreathes! Simple touches like throw pillows or candles can make all the difference! Check them out below-

Put Out The Perfect Pumpkin

Halloween is coming, and that means it’s time for a family favorite- pumpkin carving! This time-honored tradition is a great one to do with kids. put out some tips for how to carve the perfect pumpkin. They range from some obvious- angling the opening you cut so it doesn’t fall in- to the incredible- like adding a bit of cinnamon to the top so when the jack o’lantern glows it gives off both beautiful smell and light. Jack their tips for jack o’lanterns below-

Cutting The Craziness Out Of Christmas

Cutting The Craziness Out Of Christmas

It’s coming! That time of year to spread joy and love, the time of gifts and carols! A time of goodwill toward and family! That’s right Christmas is coming round the bend, and that means, if you want to cut out a lot of the craziness, now’s the time to start planning.

Am I already stressing you out? I know, the idea of planning for a holiday three months away may seem a little too much, but with a solid plan you can avoid pretty much all the stress the holidays can bring by cutting costs, saving time, and leaving nothing unexpected except what you want to be unexpected. (Presents!)

Thankfully there are a bunch of plans already out there you can follow to nail the holiday season down. These plans range from the rigid to the loose, and there’s even one, the Rudolph Club, that can shares the expense and tasks among a group of like minded holiday enthusiats. My personal favorite is 101 Days Of Christmas which has daily reminds to build up your holiday spirit and keep the holidays moving like a well oiled machine. Check out the article below to see these plans in action.

Deck The Halloween Halls

If you’re looking for some beautiful, creative ways to decorate for Halloween and/or a way to spend some time with the kids, look no further. Linked below are fifteen ways you can use mason jars to decorate and have fun with your children while doing it! Even the few on the list that are products are worth checking out if you want a beautiful piece the neighbors won’t have! Check it out below-

Rethink your Living Room Remodel

Some simple remodeling tricks can add a lot of value to your home or simply make where you live more livable. Did you know that if you incorporate an office area into your living room it’s more likely to get used? Or that adding a sun room is pretty much nothing but added value? Check out more details on these tips and more below-