Avoiding Bad Baking

Halloween is the kick-off for the holiday season, and that means a lot of baking in the near future for all of us. If you want to bake the perfect cookies and such for your family, check out some of these tips!

Cooking is an art. Baking is a science. If you’re going off recipe with a substitution, don’t be surprised if the cookies don’t come out picture perfect! Find a recipe from a trusted source that uses the ingredients that you want to feed your family. Remember that though many baking ingredients last for a long time, they don’t last forever. Make sure you’re keeping up with keeping your ingredients fresh.

Another thing a lot of people forget, chilling dough works out working and sticking issues, and speaking of working issues, you have to remember that your hands are the best tool. Keeping a hot pan is always better for baking as well, don’t let them cool between uses! And avoid baking multiple sheet at once, it does effect the way it bakes, but if you have to make sure you keep the racks away from the top and bottom and switch which rake the sheets sit on.

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