If candy conversation hearts said what we wanted to hear

It’s that time of year again! All the department stores are being invaded by red and pink hearts, candy, and cute little stuffed animals. Candy conversation hearts are a staple of the season, but wouldn’t it be better if they said things we really cared about?

Imagine your joy after your partner hands you a heart that says, “I put gas in your car.” Or how about, “the kids are at Grandma’s,” and “the dishes are done?” Now that’s love!

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Lovely Quotations to Fill Your Valentine’s Day Cards

Looking for the perfect quotation to include in a homemade Valentine? This is the post for you. These heart-warming quotes and sayings with make you and your loved ones feel great, and that’s what this holiday is about!

Take comfort in you and your partner’s mutual weirdness, or spread a message of self love. The idea of love takes many forms, but Mahatma Gandhi may have said it best: “Where there is love, there is life.”

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What Rose Colors Really Mean

A rose by any other color… would mean something completely different, according to Victorians.

In the Victorian era, different flowers and their colors were associated with different meanings. Flower meaning dictionaries were common. For example, you wouldn’t give your lover a bouquet of white roses unless you were breaking up with them – they mean “a heart unacquainted with love.” Yellow is even worse; it stands for infidelity. Red roses, of course, mean love.

These flower and color associations can be fun to play around with. Consider putting together a bouquet of red, purple, and burgundy roses to show your loved one not only that you care about them, but that you find them enchanting (purple) and attractive even if they don’t think they’re that special (burgundy stands for “unconscious beauty”). Include a card that tells them the meanings, unless they really know their Victorian associations.

Of course the colors of flowers don’t really have specific meanings other than what we give them, so keep on loving yellow roses – they won’t turn you into a cheater.

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Cheesy and Charming DIY Valentines

These cute DIY Valentine’s Day cards are the perfect way to show your love for friends and family this season, and they’re easy to make!

From the super cheesy “you make my heart soar” paper airplane to unique melted wax heart valentines, you’re sure to find the perfect V-Day project to do yourself or with your kids. I especially like the trick photography lollipop holder!

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Show Some Love With V-Day Crafts

24165977_sValentine’s Day is just around the corner, so why not decorate with crafts to show your love? Good Housekeeping shares 12 design-worthy crafts you can do just in time for the holiday.

The great part is, many of them aren’t necessarily tied to romantic love. There’s a heart-shaped bird feeder to show your love of animals and decorated straws to share your affection for your kids or dinner guests. By making these crafts by hand, you can personalize them based on your style or that of the intended recipient.

Best of all, you could spend the time to craft and decorate to show love to yourself. It always feels great to channel your creative energy into a fulfilling project. Even if you’re not a “hearts” person, you could make something with a pop of red or a light element. There are numerous ways to eschew the typical stuff and make this Valentine’s Day your own.

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