Fun, easy DIY wine cork projects

Holiday parties mean lots of wine, and lots of wine means lots of wine corks! Repurposing them for craft projects has never been more popular. These four easy project ideas will get you started!

In a fun instructional video, Handy Ma’am Janell-Inez shows how to make a wine cork coaster, a pretty candle decoration, super cute place settings, and even stamps!

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Resolution time! Get organized in 2015

I’m betting “reduce clutter” and “get more organized” is on most of our resolution lists this year (I know they’re on mine). These tips will help you clean out your cluttered spaces and create a comfortable, organized home.

First, prioritize what needs to be done first and take on one project at a time. Plan how you’re going to tackle it with a list of steps and an end goal. Find inspiration to motivate you, and then clear everything out of the area for a fresh start.

Make three piles – keep, donate, and trash. Remember that less is more, especially when your goal is reducing clutter. Keep it simple. You can also repurpose household items as storage containers.

You can do it!

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Quick and easy microwave candy recipes

Do you love the idea of making candy, but are worried about the work traditionally involved? These recipes are so simple you could make a few of them in an afternoon.

Holiday bark is delicious with fruits and nuts, or make chews instead. Cappuccino truffles are great for coffee lovers. Nut clusters are always a big hit, or just dip pretzels or dried fruit in melted chocolate.

Finally, it’s hard to beat a fudge recipe that can be cooked entirely in the microwave. Talk about easy!

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Lovely last minute DIY holiday decoration ideas

Looking to add just a little more flair to your holiday decor before Christmas celebrations? These quick do-it-yourself projects can provide just the touch you’re looking for.

If you have a live tree, you can take a few trimmings and spray the tips with gold paint to make a pretty garland. A painted tree flag is a cute way to occupy some empty wall space, and snowflakes made from magazine clippings add color to a boring window.

A print in a frame is an easy addition to a vignette or wall, and you can even add a festive message in removable gold paint to any large mirror in your house for instant cheer.

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Quick and Easy DIY Holiday Table Crafts

Looking for a DIY project to add a little festive style to your table this year? These four projects will add the perfect amount of pizzazz, and they’re super easy to make!

Painted napkins require nothing more than plain cloth napkins, paint, and a sponge cut to any shape you desire. Add a braided napkin ring made from oven-bake polymer clay for an elegant touch.

Use a little more clay and wire to create cute “gemstone” place holders for your guests. A sparkly pinecone tree is an easy centerpiece that could be dressed up or down.

Best of all, these projects don’t take very long to do (and that means more hot chocolate time!).

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DIY Star-shaped Wreaths

The holiday wreath is a classic decoration of the season, and there are an endless number of ways to make them. These star-shaped wreaths offer a different spin on the traditional design.

There’s the traditional six-point Star of David, the classic five-point star, and even 8-pointed stars for a whimsical look. A star made of twine gives a country feel, while evergreen always looks festive and merry.

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Creative Christmas napkin folding ideas to impress your guests!

You’ve got the centerpiece, the food, the dishes, and decorations all set – but what about the napkins? Add a little extra special touch and wow your guests with these fancy folds!

These videos show you how to fold two different tree shapes, silverware pockets, a crown, and an elf shoe. If you make a mistake, don’t worry! Just try again, or try a different one. The layered tree is my favorite.

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Gift wrapping for dummies

Wrapping a gift is both a science and an art, but don’t let that intimidate you! The experience does not have to end in a frustrated pile of torn paper with tape stuck to your eyebrows.

If your wrapping skills are sub-par or if you’d like your gifts to look absolutely perfect this year, this is the article you’ve been looking for.

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Homemade honeycomb soap!

As a wanna-be homesteader someday, this organic honeycomb soap recipe really spoke to me. It calls for all natural ingredients, and if you’re familiar with goats milk based soaps you understand how incredibly luxurious they feel on your skin.

The recipe calls for a pound of goats milk soap base, a quarter cup of organic honey, and some soap molds. You probably have the other items needed – scissors, a spatula, non-stick cooking spray, and bubble-wrap to give the honeycomb texture. The soaps look adorable and they’re super easy to make.

I can’t think of a better easy home-made gift to give this season. If you can pick up some honey or goats milk soap base from a local farmer, that’s even better.

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How to cut back on holiday clutter

Keeping a house free of clutter may seem like a never ending task, but there are many things you can do to cut down on the amount of space holiday items take up.

You can start by giving and asking for consumables this season. Receiving something you can use (or eat) cuts down on household clutter later, and you can do the same for your friends and family. Digital holiday cards avoid the question of “do I throw this away, or pack it in a box?” Plus, you can display them in a rotating digital picture frame to save space.

Live plants used for wreaths and greenery mean less decorations taking up storage space the rest of the year, and the practice of getting rid of something old whenever something new comes in will at least prevent clutter from spreading.

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