An easy, handmade personalized gift idea

Personalized gifts often mean the most, becoming treasured heirlooms as the years go by. It also feels great to make something for a family member or friend by hand.

An embroidered photo is a great way to show you care. You’ll need heavy white fabric, embroidery thread and needle, a fine-tipped permanent marker, a small embroidery hoop, printable iron-on transfers (and a compatible printer), optional ribbon, and an hour of your time.

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Gorgeous DIY holiday wreaths

There are a million ways to make a winter wreath with just about any material imaginable. These ten photos will give you some inspiration to create a dazzling welcome decoration for your own home or to gift to a loved one.

You can make a wreath that looks like a bunch of snowballs adorned with a pretty red ribbon (great for those living where it doesn’t actually snow). Another features a holiday phrase stretched across the center. You can repurpose an old sweater for a cozy feeling, or add some sparkle and paper snowflakes.

No matter what design you choose, your holiday wreath will be something to cherish for years to come.

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Abstaining From Party Stains

Yes, parties lead to the inevitable- stains! I’ve never been to a party without one spill on a couch or chair- but it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little prep you can avoid the sin of staining! Coasters are the obvious go-to, but what about carpet? You can cut down on stains by putting down doormats inside and outside each exterior door! See more tips on how to stay stain abstinent here!

Planning The Perfect Holiday Party

No matter what holiday party you’re planning for there are some things to keep in mind for the planning of a perfect party.

For example, if you’re in a colder climate any of the upcoming holidays can lead to a slippery mess of a driveway and that’s not safe for anyone. Having a driveway plan in place ensures a safe entrance to your party- but keep in mind the exit as well. You may remember at the beginning of a party, but by the end the cold can make some changes.

Cranking up the heat is something to avoid as well- you don’t want it cold, but remember we are like little furnaces ourselves, and when you have a lot of people around the house will be warmer for it.

One of the worst party sins is not having some sort of entertainment for kids. Whether it’s access to toys or just another room set-up for them to watch movies and such, having a place for them to go and have the adult have some quality time is key. Not to lump them together, but you need a plan like that for pets as well. If no one is allergic, good! But if they are or if your pets get skittish around too many people, it’s a good idea to have a separate place for them.

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Scratch On, Scratch Off- Making Decorations With Your Kids

Scratch art is a really simple DIY you can do with your kids, and we have a Halloween variation for you! The scratch art spider web is a pretty quick and fun way to get your kids involved with the decorating process. Making a scratch sheet is easy, and once you have the right tools you can set the kids to do the work! Check out the amazing DIY decoration you and your kids can do here!

Make Up Your Costume With Make-Up

If you don’t know what to be for Halloween and aren’t into the super elaborate costumes, we have a solution for you. You can get a great costume out of using just make-up (and maybe a couple accessories)! The list linked here is incredible and has many options and there are, of course, more than those, but two that are incredible are the vampire- which with make-up is a fang-some choice- and the pop-art which would take some patience but is well worth it.

Voting In On Votive And Candle Holders

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are all coming up faster than you may think! The really great thing about the fall/winter holidays is that you get to really play with some indoor decorations- hence deck the halls and all that. One way to take advantage of this is revel in votive and candles. They are an underrated part of anyone’s holiday decorations.

What we have for you today are a ton of gorgeous candle holders that are simple DIY projects- they give your house some small pops of unique and gorgeous décor that are all yours. There is something about candle light that simply evokes the nature of these holidays- whether its the spooky shadows of Halloween or the warmth of the light of family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Best of all, these are not holiday specific, but still evoke all of the holidays at once. They do this by reflecting the seasons and are thus the perfect supporting décor for your bigger stars- like garland or the tree!

See the beautiful holders here!

More Fall DIY

Last week we brought you a post about a DIY wreath that was easy, timely, and beautiful, this week we’re bringing you a ton more projects like it! All of these projects are simple and adaptable. Come Christmas, rather than bringing in the fall you can bring in winter to spruce up your decorating- and all of these can be done with the kids.

You and your kids can bring in leaves from outside to make a fall garland for your holidays and then paints the leaves for a beautiful and unique look! All you need are leaves, modge podge, some acrylic paint, and brushes. First you make sure the leaves are dry, then paint one side- to avoid too much mess. Once the paint is dry, modge podge both sides and you’ve got a beautiful look you can fit to any holiday that your kids helped make! Some string and a hole punch easily turns them into garland.

There are ten other projects in the link below. It’s important to keep in mind that these are things you can do with your kids, because they aren’t kids for long. These projects help create lasting memories and can become traditions- which are really what the holidays are about. See the other projects here.

Artificial Christmas Tree Setup Tips


Setting up an artificial Christmas tree takes time and effort. If you follow the steps below, the setup will be as efficient as possible and your tree will look it’s best.

Video Overview

The video below is an overview of the points described.

You can also watch a longer version of How to Set Up an Artificial Christmas Tree.

Steps to assemble an artificial Christmas tree


Make certain the stand is stable before setting the bottom section of the tree into the stand. Set the stand on flat surface such as a table. Don’t be tempted to test your stand on wood floors, etc as the floor might not be perfectly flat.

Bottom Section

The bottom section of the tree will have a tapered end which fits into the stand. After inserting the tapered end into the stand, gently tighten the screws of the stand. Most stands are NOT designed to “straighten” the tree. Point being, if your tree is leaning; do not try to use the screws on the stand to straighten the tree as you will likely strip the screws on the stand.

Once the bottom section is securely in the stand you can place the bottom section and stand in the location you want in the room. Make certain to do this now before installing the remaining sections. The tree could be too heavy to move once completely assembled.

Fluff the bottom section as demonstrated in the video. It is easier to fluff each section before adding the next section.

Plug in the lights to make certain all lights work. It is much easier to check lights now before installing the other sections.

Remaining Sections

The number of sections on the tree depends on the height of your tree. Before you add the next section, use a bar of soap to lightly coat the pole which inserts into the section below. This will make it easier to separate the sections when you take the tree down after Christmas. Add the next section of the tree, fluff it and check the lights.


Following these steps will make your tree looks it’s best.