Christmas Gifts for Dad!

If your dad is like mine, you may be wondering what he would actually want for Christmas. His answer of “nothing, your love is enough” is neve satisfying when you are at the mall and trying to find something he might love. Enough with the ties and the cufflinks, read this article for tips on how to get your dad something that is unique and that he will actually enjoy opening on Christmas day!


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Advent Candle Crafts!

If wishing to add more lights to your home this Christmas, you may consider investing in a craft to make advent candle wreaths. This Christmas tradition places candles on a wreath and they are lit on the days leading up to Christmas Eve to celebrate the advent of Christ. If you are looking for a great Christmas craft for your children that you can actually use, read this article today!


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Pajamas and Your Kids!

When your children race down the stairs to open presents on Christmas morning, it is so cute to see their excitement and their adorable pajamas dancing with anticipation. One of the cutest traditions you can start with your family is giving your children matching pajamas each year! If you are planning to start memorable Christmas traditions in your home, read this article to learn why pajamas can make a great gift!


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Crafty Advent Calendars!

Even though we are almost in the middle of our countdown to Christmas, there are still plenty of ways in which you can decorate your home and prepare yourself for the holidays. Christmas is a high-ranked holiday for children and it is typical that they look forward to it year round. If you are looking for ways to build excitement in your home, read this article to learn how to create the perfect advent calendar with your children!


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Beer-Lover Christmas Gifts

Christmas is a great time to indulge the people in your life with the things they love. Before we were bound by the more traditional gifts of ugly sweaters and ties, but these days you can get gifts that are much more personalized for your friends. If you have a beer lover in your life, you can get them great gifts that they will use and love. If you are looking for great gifts for the beer lover in your life, read this article today!


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Techy Gifts for Your Santa List

There are many ways that you can start shopping for the people in your life! Christmas shopping is a fun process if you know exactly what you want, but it can stressful if you have no idea what to get the ones that you love! If you need to add things to the list for the techie people in your life, this article can help you with great suggestions. If you are looking for great tech-related gifts, read this article today!


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Floral Arrangements Made Easy

Floral arrangements are the perfect way to add color and décor to your home. You can create different centerpieces and decorative pieces that coordinate with the season and the flowers that are available. Making centerpieces and floral arrangements is easier than you think and a great way to spruce up your home before your holiday guests come home. If you are looking for great ways to spice up your home, read this article today!


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Goodies for Foodies!

You all have this type of person in your friends or family circle. That person who somehow has a near-professional knowledge of food! Our foodie friends are great people to ask for suggestions about new restaurants, but can be hard to shop for as they probably have all of the spices they want! If you are still shopping for Christmas presents, read this article today for great inspiration on what to get the food lovers in your life!


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Gas Oven Tips!

Now that the holiday season is upon us, you are probably spending more time in your kitchen than you have in other seasons. Between preparing a feast for Thanksgiving or baking dozens and dozens of cookies to give to neighbors as Christmas gifts, you are putting your oven through a rigorous regimen. IF you are have gas oven, read this article today to learn the best way to safely put it to use!


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Christmas Wine to Help You Dine!

There are many ways in which you can bring warmth into your home this Christmas season! One way is to invite a bunch of friends and family over for an evening. You can bake cookies and make smores together as you sing along to Christmas music. You can also make a wonderful spiced wine to serve as you celebrate the holiday together! If you are looking for a great recipe to serve holiday guests, read this article for a great recipe for mulled spice Christmas wine!


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