Living Literacy: How To Help Your Kids Love Reading

Like anything else, developing a love of something doesn’t happen spontaneously. To grow the passion for books we generally want our kids to have we have to keep in mind they learn by watching us. To make literacy as important to out kids as it is to us there are some simple steps we can take to help.

Keeping books around seems obvious, but how often do we display DVDs nowadays? This keeps the option available to kids at all times. Meanwhile talking about books with our children gets them thinking about them, which we can so easily when we model the behavior for our kids. Read, and let them see you do it! They’ll love books if you show them how.

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Parenting: The Perpetual Job

Some people believe that once their sons or daughters turn 18 that their job is done. Legally, they are an adult and life, from then on, is solely their responsibility. But that’s simply not true, as Joe DeProspero notes in a recent article he wrote for

“I anticipate that my job as dad will be done when I’ve breathed my final breath,” DeProspero says. Truer words have never been spoken. Most times, even when we’ve grown up and moved out, we still look to our parents for advice. So while the job description may change as time goes on- DeProspero illuminates this well in his article- we are still, inevitably the “protectors” or our children- as well as the sagacious counsel and part-time stress relievers as we take on the role of grandparents.

No, a parent’s job is never done. There is no retirement from it, and no vacation either, nor is there a time we can really qualify our parenting. But really, would we have it any other way?

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Mudroom Maladies

Back to school is a time of year where many of our organizational systems are put to the test. One tested more than any other is the mudroom. Some people call it the shoe room or the entry way, whatever you call it- keys, mail, backpacks, shoes, and the elements can all make this area a mess. Thankfully there are some simple tips to keep this unruly area organized. One of the most important is to make sure that there is a place for everything- like getting a key hanger. A more obscure tip is to remember to plan for the seasons. Your mudroom should be set up different for winter than it does for summer.

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