Fall Back On Favorites

We’re all looking for a way to celebrate the season and fall has some of the most wonderful super foods to fall back on. There’s old favorites like apples and pumpkins, both chock full of nutrients, but did you also know kale is a autumnal vegetable? Mix with apple slices, some lemon juice, and alight vinaigrette for a great fall salad. While you’re at it, check out some more fall superfoods in the link below-


Fit For A Giant

All the studies show that play benefits our kids more than anyone can stress, but with today’s go-go-go pace it can be hard to find time to factor in kids fitness. But with more studies coming out that fitness also increases our kids performance at school, it’s becoming more imperative than ever for us as parents to make sure not only that our kids are getting active, but that we model that activity by being active with them.

That’s the idea behind a new program, Fuel Up to Play 60, which is designed to get students, teachers, and parents in on the activity for sixty minutes a day. The program gives educational information about proper nutrition and provides the opportunity for schools to get access to materials and training that will work activity into the curriculum, and even give community support. The program is sponsored by the NFL, with Victor Cruz of the Giants as a spokesperson.

Even if the program isn’t your thing, finding a way to get communities to come together and support our kids health and wellness is time well invested.


Hewing Homework Heavy-Lifitng

A school in Canada is putting some new research into practice by cutting out elementary school homework. It seems research has shown that at the elementary level, the amount of homework students were getting does little to nothing to help their studies. While reading and studying can still be assigned, worksheets and packets are strictly forbidden. This is a test of a new system that may go live as soon as next year! To find out more, read below-