More Fall DIY

Last week we brought you a post about a DIY wreath that was easy, timely, and beautiful, this week we’re bringing you a ton more projects like it! All of these projects are simple and adaptable. Come Christmas, rather than bringing in the fall you can bring in winter to spruce up your decorating- and all of these can be done with the kids.

You and your kids can bring in leaves from outside to make a fall garland for your holidays and then paints the leaves for a beautiful and unique look! All you need are leaves, modge podge, some acrylic paint, and brushes. First you make sure the leaves are dry, then paint one side- to avoid too much mess. Once the paint is dry, modge podge both sides and you’ve got a beautiful look you can fit to any holiday that your kids helped make! Some string and a hole punch easily turns them into garland.

There are ten other projects in the link below. It’s important to keep in mind that these are things you can do with your kids, because they aren’t kids for long. These projects help create lasting memories and can become traditions- which are really what the holidays are about. See the other projects here.

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