Getting Kids Green

Who isn’t worried about going green today? If you aren’t you should be and if you are then you’re probably looking for more opportunities because being green feels good. As lame as that sounds, it’s true, and it’s something we can start fostering in our children today.

Our kids can help with the green effort in a lot of ways: turning off unused lights, checking packaging for recycle symbols, turning off the water when not using it (like brushing teeth), using reusable bottles for water, or even just picking up their toys so they don’t break. If we instill these positive habits when they are young, they can become second nature as they get older, but it’s up to us as parents to support these habits.

We can do this by modeling green habits, in other words by doing what we expect them to do- and more. If you’re not turning off lights in rooms, they are going to pick up on that. You can get them involved too, you’ll be surprised at the ideas your kids can come up with to help out.

For more tips and more ways to nurture green habits follow the link below-

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