Has repurposing gone too far?

People are always pushing the limits of artistic expression. Sometimes it’s the mediums used, sometimes it’s the subject matter, and sometimes it’s the way the art is displayed. This new “dipped painting” trend is quirky, but it also drives me crazy.

The basic idea is this: You take a framed painting (maybe one you picked up at a thrift store) and dip part of it in paint so it obscures that part of the work. I think it’s supposed to add allure and mystery since you can no longer make out what the rest of the painting is.

If this had been reported on April Fool’s Day I would have thought it was a clever joke, but it’s quite real. Looking at most of these images frustrates me. I want to be able to see the rest of the painting. Maybe it’s just the way my brain works, or maybe it’s because I’m an artist myself.

I would be very upset if someone did this to an art piece of mine, especially if I put hours of work into it. I feel like painting over traditional art is at least a little bit offensive, and at most a crime. However, I also acknowledge that once that art leaves my hands it’s fair game for repurposing. Still, the whole idea rubs me the wrong way.

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