Homemade honeycomb soap!

As a wanna-be homesteader someday, this organic honeycomb soap recipe really spoke to me. It calls for all natural ingredients, and if you’re familiar with goats milk based soaps you understand how incredibly luxurious they feel on your skin.

The recipe calls for a pound of goats milk soap base, a quarter cup of organic honey, and some soap molds. You probably have the other items needed – scissors, a spatula, non-stick cooking spray, and bubble-wrap to give the honeycomb texture. The soaps look adorable and they’re super easy to make.

I can’t think of a better easy home-made gift to give this season. If you can pick up some honey or goats milk soap base from a local farmer, that’s even better.

Read the full article here: Homemade Holiday Gift Idea!: Make Organic Honeycomb Soap

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