Man Brings Woman to Joyful Tears on NYC Train


In this inspiring video, a woman selling roses on a New York city train is approached by one of the nicest, most generous strangers she’s likely ever met. The transaction that takes place creates a pay-it-forward act of kindness that has the whole train smiling!

The woman was selling the roses for a dollar each. She first offers the man a deal – $14 for a bouquet of 15 roses. He replies saying he’ll give her $140 for all of them. He hands her the money with one catch – she must give the roses out to people for free. In the touching moment she starts crying, and the man reassures her, “it’s a happy day!”

The woman who captured the act on video first posted it to her Youtube channel two years ago, but after posting it to Facebook recently it has gone viral. She claims she didn’t know either of the people involved, but felt connected to the woman selling the roses.

What a beautiful story!

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