How much do you know about Necco Sweethearts?

Love them or hate them, candy conversation hearts have been synonymous with Valentine’s Day for a long time. You can find them everywhere from gas stations to pharmacies to department stores, but how much do you know about them?

Necco Sweethearts have a rich and interesting history that goes back almost 150 years. Oliver Chase founded the company, and his brother Daniel was the first to add words to the candy in 1866. There used to be other shapes besides hearts such as horse shoes and baseballs, but the hearts stuck around.

Every year 45 sayings are added and others are discontinued to keep up with the times. In order to meet demand, production starts just after Valentine’s Day and continues until mid January. Over 8 billion hearts are created each year, which equals roughly 100,000 pounds each day!

I was surprised at the production numbers. I’ve always assumed stores were just bringing out last year’s stock each year. Hasn’t anyone ever told them the candy tastes like sweet chalk? (Yet I still eat them.)

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