Office Secret Santa Gift Guide!

We have all been in this position before, and it can be tough. You are at your office’s holiday party and the secret santa reveals are happening. Your name is called and your elderly colleague admits that you were his person and he hands you a package. The office stares as you unravel a set of small Christmas-themed socks that he was certain you would love. Not only are they too small, but they’re quite hideous and you have to act like you love them. Thankfully this season is about giving and not receiving, right? While it can be embarrassing to receive an odd gift, it is far worse to be known for giving out half-hearted things. Thankfully there are ways to ensure that you give cool and thoughtful gifts to your coworkers! If you have a secret santa as a component of your upcoming holiday party, read this article today for tips on how to be an impressive, yet thoughtful, gift giver!


Read the full article here: Secret Santa Style: Gifts Your Colleagues Will Fight Over


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