What Rose Colors Really Mean

A rose by any other color… would mean something completely different, according to Victorians.

In the Victorian era, different flowers and their colors were associated with different meanings. Flower meaning dictionaries were common. For example, you wouldn’t give your lover a bouquet of white roses unless you were breaking up with them – they mean “a heart unacquainted with love.” Yellow is even worse; it stands for infidelity. Red roses, of course, mean love.

These flower and color associations can be fun to play around with. Consider putting together a bouquet of red, purple, and burgundy roses to show your loved one not only that you care about them, but that you find them enchanting (purple) and attractive even if they don’t think they’re that special (burgundy stands for “unconscious beauty”). Include a card that tells them the meanings, unless they really know their Victorian associations.

Of course the colors of flowers don’t really have specific meanings other than what we give them, so keep on loving yellow roses – they won’t turn you into a cheater.

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