Sugar cookies are not a balanced breakfast

Food of all kinds was plentiful in my childhood home, but especially around the holidays. Sweet, fatty treats like pie, coffee cake, and a huge assortment of cookies were never far from reach. It’s no wonder I was an obese child – indulgence was encouraged.

Kids lack will power. They look to their parents as role models and will usually do as you do, which is why it’s important for the whole family to make healthy choices. That sounds easier than it is, especially this time of year, but there are many things you can do to make sure over-indulgence doesn’t become an issue.

Planning meals and having healthy snacks full of protein and fiber handy will keep everyone feeling full longer, and less likely to opt for a quick, sugary hunger fix. Keep junk food out of sight and high on a shelf, and teach your kids that it’s a sometimes treat to be savored. Don’t use food as a reward, and don’t remove it as punishment. Finally, make sure everyone gets enough sleep and keeps stress levels down.

Don’t be afraid to let everyone indulge a little bit though – it is the holidays, after all.

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