This Christmas Tree Rocks!

We’re all familiar with the front yard light displays set to holiday music trend, but why not bring some of that magic indoors? At least one family did, and it brings new meaning to the song “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.”

Over 7000 lights adorn the ten foot tall tree, and the light show is controlled using Vixen Christmas light controller software running 24 channels. It’s party time!

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Trees of Christmas Past

When it comes to traditional celebrations and decorations like those that come at Christmas time, there has always been a movement to add a modern touch. These Christmas trees from the 1950s show how yesteryear’s decorators pushed the envelope.

One tree is spray-painted blue. Another is covered with notions and other sewing “ornaments.” Some aren’t trees at all, but they play the part! You see variations on all of these different takes on modern trees still today.

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Artificial trees can save you time and holiday stress

The Christmas tree has long been a symbol of the season, but you no longer have to trudge through deep snow to find an evergreen with the perfect shape (or wait in long lines at the tree dealer). Faux trees mean less holiday decorating stress and can look just as good as the real thing, or even better.

High quality faux trees look authentic, and mimics of a variety of species are available. You can get them pre-lit to save yourself some decorating time, and you don’t have to worry about shed needles getting everywhere.

They’re also affordable, and while the initial cost is more expensive than a tree from the local lot, they will pay for themselves after a few years.

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Tree decorating at its finest – ideas you can use!

Are you getting bored doing the same lights, garland, and ornaments on your tree year after year? These decorating ideas will inspire you to change it up and try something new.

You can start by choosing a theme – cacti and western gear give a desert feel, while burlap is classic country. Color matters too, and instead of green and red you could try warm gold, white, and a hint of blue. Vintage items work well for a rustic look.

What’s around the tree matters too, so make sure to choose items that complement your theme or color choices. Also consider something non-traditional for your tree stand – it can add a unique touch.

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