Fun, pretty DIY summer decor projects

Are you looking for a fun afternoon project to start your summer? This article from Bright Bold and Beautiful features five ideas that are super cute and super easy to do!

You can turn coffee cans or old jars into cute, rustic country vases. Old maps have a unique and interesting pattern that works well for lettering to make a bold statement, and you can make a natural mist spray perfect for a hot summer day outside.

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Awesome chair makeover inspiration!

Don’t toss out that tired old chair! It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint and some easy DIY upholstering can do. You can transform a variety of old chairs into something that matches your style perfectly with a few materials and a little time. Check out these awesome chairs brought back to life in this great HGTV feature!

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How to Make Your Own Beautiful Colored Glass Bottle Vases


Freshening up a room is as easy as adding a vase of pretty flowers. Mason jars and old bottles are fabulous alternatives to traditional vases if you’re going for a rustic, country look, but you can also glam them up a little by adding some color!

This is a great way to upscale glass that would otherwise go in your recycle bin, and full of flowers they make great gifts! All you need is an empty clear glass bottle, Vitrail glass paint, and acetone (nail polish remover).

Mix the paint with a little acetone to thin it down and swirl it around the inside of the glass until the whole thing is coated. It might look cloudy but it dries clear. Bam – you now have a colored vase!

You should let the paint dry completely over a few days before adding water and flowers.

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How to decorate and personalize your door mat

Give your boring door mat a facelift with this easy DIY project! All you need is some contact paper, a stencil to trace and cut, some spray paint, and some extra paper to keep your mess under control. Stencil on your house number or really any design, word, or phrase you like!

You could stencil in the ever popular “Home,” or make your own version of “Wipe Your Paws” with a couple custom paw prints. Your imagination is the limit!

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Easy DIY patriotic votive candles

Candles are so great for decorating because there’s a million ways to jazz them up with a personal DIY touch. This great post from Bright, Bold & Beautiful features three different ways to create patriotic votive candle holders for your next festive gathering, such as Memorial Day or the 4th of July!

Fire up that BBQ – summer is almost here!

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Adorable DIY lego animals kid project

Looking for a fun project for your kids to do on a rainy spring afternoon? Check out these adorable animal patterns for Legos! The kids can translate the 2D designs into fun 3D critters using Lego building blocks. There’s a frog, a pony and a penguin to print out, or get creative and make your own!

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Super easy DIY rustic hanging shelf

Shelves are so handy, it makes sense to have them in every room. This DIY idea shows how easy it is to construct a simple hanging shelf using only a board, some rope, a drill, and two screw eye hooks. The rustic look is perfect for your patio, garden shed, or anywhere else you want to add a little country charm.

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Give your old KitchenAid a new paint job!

KitchenAid mixers are awesome, there’s no doubt about it. They’ve been around for ages, they’re made with high quality materials, and they help you cook so many things! They’re also super easy to re-paint, so you can take an old ugly mixer and turn it into a fabulous piece that matches your kitchen decor!

This handy article from Apartment Therapy shows you how!

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Adorable kitchen herb garden ideas!

Herbs are very easy to grow, and if you’re a fan of cooking with fresh ingredients (and why wouldn’t you be?), a kitchen herb garden is a great way to always have some on hand. This article from The Kitchn is full of fun herb vessel ideas like repurposed aluminum cans, wine bottles, and even upside-down containers!

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