Merry Beardmas!

No tree? No problem! Grab the nearest man in your life and decorate his manscaping with Beard Baubles!

These festive ornaments will transform the manliest man into a jolly holiday elf who will joyfully bake cookies, decorate, do the dishes, and serve you hot cocoa! He will spread laughter and good cheer as he frolics about the house with his beautiful holiday beard jingling merrily all the while.

Well, maybe not, but Beard Baubles are fun and full of holiday spirit. Proceeds benefit a charity that’s fighting against skin cancer.

Is there any place safe from holiday decorating?

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A vintage Christmas nightmare

I’m a big fan of the vintage look, especially around the holidays. My mother loves and collects antiques, and I didn’t realize until I reached adulthood just how many of her interests I inherited. While I was growing up, our house was filled with an assortment of modern and vintage items.

When I came across this article on how to work vintage items into holiday decor, I had to check it out. Some of the tips are great. I love the idea of mixing Christmas decorations in with your usual seasonal displays. Color themed rooms are a good idea, and I can totally get behind hanging small antiques on the tree. However, some of the other ideas had me gagging.

I do not understand the fluorescent pink tree at all (or the red one, for that matter). I don’t care how well it matches your fabric – it’s an eye sore. On that same note, painting old Christmas village buildings the same horrible pink is not an improvement. I think pink can be a color of the season when done well, and I’m all for repainting and up-scaling certain antiques, but this particular use does not decrease tackiness – quite the opposite!

It’s absolutely possible to turn something kitschy into whimsical fun, but it’s not so fun when it’s trying to bite your face off like a rabid reindeer.

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I am the Christmas tree! Silly holiday family portraits

Holiday portraits are a big part of the Christmas season for many families. Some opt for matching sweaters or cute reindeer antlers, and others choose a fancy, elegant theme.

Then there are these – a showcase of ten hilarious, over the top photos of families full of awkward Christmas cheer sure to make you smile.

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Hosting Thanksgiving is hard!

Family visiting from miles away, massive amounts of food to prepare, and re-decorating the entire house with holiday cheer is a task list big enough to stress the best of us.

Maybe it’s time to pass the hat.

I recall my mom working long hours before Thanksgiving and Christmas. Cooking, baking, cleaning – there was always something more to do. Presents weren’t wrapped until hours before they were opened. Finally she began delegating work to others, my sister took up hosting the meals, and was much happier for it.

Whether you’re ready to give up on hosting or just need a short breather, this list will make you smile… at least until you have to get back to the kitchen to baste the turkey.

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