Adorable DIY lego animals kid project

Looking for a fun project for your kids to do on a rainy spring afternoon? Check out these adorable animal patterns for Legos! The kids can translate the 2D designs into fun 3D critters using Lego building blocks. There’s a frog, a pony and a penguin to print out, or get creative and make your own!

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Turn your daughter’s room into a princess palace

Daughters have always been little princesses, and with Disney’s hit movie Frozen the royal look is getting even more attention when it comes to bedroom decor.

In this Good Housekeeping article you can learn how to style your girl’s room into something out of a fairy tale. A video is featured that shows some decked out princess bedrooms moms spent thousands of dollars creating, followed by ideas on how to do the same at home for less.

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Fun, kid-friendly DIY heart and feather decoration

This creative project is fun and easy to make, and you’ll end up with something pretty to hang on your wall!

Hearts may be the symbol of the season, but they’re great for decorations year round. All you need to make this cute wall hanging are some flat plastic pieces (like from milk bottles), sharpies, scissors, a hole punch, colorful thread, beads, feathers, and glue!

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Dealing with Snow Days

When you live in a northern climate, snow storms are an inevitable part of winter, and once in a while they’re bad enough to illicit a “snow day.” This is almost always a joyous occasion when you’re a kid, but it’s far more rare to get a day off due to weather when you’re an adult (unless you’re a teacher), so snow days can present some unique challenges.

When you have a young child and you have to work the snow day, you have to find a babysitter quick. Day care can be difficult to track down on short notice, and family could be busy. If your job allows it, you may be able to bring junior with you to work if there are no other options, but then you’ll be dealing with a bored (and likely bummed out) kid all day.

The best way to avoid this situation is to prepare in advance. When you hear foul weather is on its way, get in touch with relatives or day care options as soon as possible. Having a plan will save you stress that would otherwise pile up like those snow banks in your driveway.

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Healthy kids, healthy you!

Almost everyone has “be healthier” on their list of New Year’s resolutions. If you have children, vowing to help them make healthier choices is a great addition too. Children don’t have the will power or knowledge to make the best decisions for their health, so it’s up to you to guide them.

There’s a great list over at with twelve tips on getting kids to eat healthier in the new year. The basic idea is this: if you make fruits and vegetables more accessible and interesting, your kids (and you) will fill up and feel good without feeling the need to reach for a bag of potato chips.

I really like the produce calendar idea since it helps kids feel involved. A garden is a great way to foster an appreciation for where food comes from while also experiencing the benefits of the freshest food possible.

Kids love interactive food, so having some healthy dip to offer with sliced veggies can make them more interesting. Kids also have a fascination with color, and since produce comes in all sorts of colors the rainbow challenge is a fun way to perk their interest and speak to their competitive nature.

Remember that junk food has a time and a place too. Small portions after a healthy meal is the way to go!

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Holiday tips for single parents

The holidays can be stressful and overwhelming, especially if you’re a single parent. You want to show your kids all the wonder and joy that December brings, but that doesn’t have to mean bringing them to every holiday event you’re invited to or baking a billion cookies together. Follow these tips to keep yourself and your kids sane this season.

Remember that sometimes less is more. Narrowing holiday fun down to a few meaningful events will give you more bonding time and less stress.

Set a half hour time limit on activities for young ones, since they can be overwhelmed easily.

You don’t have to go all out with the baking – save time by getting pre-made dough and have fun with the decorating (after all, that’s the most fun!).

Make sure to make time for yourself, too! It’s okay to find a sitter and enjoy a night out with kids your own age.

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A creative way to teach kids what it means to give

The spirit of giving is one of the most important features of the holiday season, but that feeling can be easily lost on children excited about the latest toys Santa might be bringing in his sleigh.

A great way to remind kids what it’s all about is to make an Advent calendar challenge based on giving. The whole family can participate, and good lessons can be learned all month long.

Each day has a different task. Some examples include, “tell someone he or she looks nice today,” “call a family member just to say hello,” and “offer help without being asked.”

The holidays are such a busy and stressful time, but gathering the family together to discuss your giving challenge accomplishments each day can create positive change everyone can take with them.

Now that’s a gift that keeps giving.

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Bored kids? Make some Peppermint Playdough!

With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season at hand, young kids can feel the stress too. Let them relax and play with some home-made Christmas playdough!

The recipe is super simple and will give bored kids something to do while you get the house ready for the festivities. Add a few holiday craft items and let them get creative! If you make a bunch, consider wrapping some up as a gift.

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Breaking Breakfast

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but how do you get the time to feed your family let alone yourself? The truth is breakfast can be quick, easy, and nutritious. If you’re in a pinch, toss some eggs in a pan with olive oil and have some fruit on the side- quick easy and protein packed. If that’s not quick enough, try a low sugar, high grain cereal, like Cheerios or straight up granola with some yogurt and fruit. How about something your kids would make themselves- no, not a miracle- but healthy toaster waffles like Kashi brand with some peanut butter for protein and energy.

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