Watch – The Ultimate Gadget Lover’s Christmas Tree

This video is the first in a series of 24 videos covering the most interesting items Bill found at the 2015 Dallas Total Home and Gift Market. We will release one video per day for 24 days. The second video will be released on February 10 2015.

The ultimate Christmas tree for the gadget lover. The larger lights on this tree are fully controlled by a smartphone app. The colors and patterns can be modified by the app. Tell us what you think. How would you decorate this tree? Would you like this tree in your own home?

Be sure to watch next video and see the Christmas tree that is the fastest and easiest tree to set up.

Watch The Ultimate Gadget Lover’s Christmas Tree on YouTube.


  1. Michele Gleske says

    Very nice, but I think you forgot to say it’s from Santa’s Own
    I’m sure it wasn’t easy doing these videos without forgetting something.

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